Five years of storytelling is a truly special moment. From the adventures that have led us across the country, and across the world, to the stories that made us laugh, and those that brought tears to our eyes; storytelling for us is about bringing people to people. To realize, to take a moment and fully recognize, that this has been the journey we have been on for the last five years is unbelievably humbling. To be a part of a much larger story that encompasses our entire world, and to be able to share the stories of those we meet along the way on our own journey - it's indescribable.

For five years we have grown together, we have overcome challenges together, and have continued to learn what it is to be storytellers who love unconditionally, together. From humble beginnings in a college dorm room, to now traveling the world to help share the stories of those in need - and also those working to create a world of peace, a world we all want. It's hard to believe where we are now and who we have become as a team, and more so as individuals. 

This year we are celebrating an ongoing journey of storytelling, a continuing adventure; looking back and reflecting, but also eagerly looking ahead to the future. Dreaming of where these next five years will take us, and all the new adventures we'll be going on. And while no one knows what tomorrow may bring with it, we are excited nonetheless, because we are a family of storytellers who tell stories that bring people, to people.