A movie poster is one of the first real tastes you get of a film. It expresses the tone of the world it promotes, welcoming your intrigue with just enough information to make you say, "I'll go see that!" but refuses to give away any details of the plot. But posters are more than just advertisement. Movie posters are art pieces, and when crafted properly, can encompass the feel of an entire film in one image. The poster for Garden Party is no different.

Garden Party is a varied affair, full of moments to make you laugh, characters to make you think, and a world that feels grounded in reality with an atmosphere of something supernatural. But its brightness causes the shadows to be darker than usual, and it's this ominous darkness that the movie poster uses to grab every onlooker with a curious allure...don't you want a sip?

It is with overwhelming delight that we present to you the official movie poster for Garden Party. We hope this will make you even more excited and curious about the upcoming film, and we can't wait to share it with you. Until then, enjoy!