If you're anywhere near the CU campus this time of year - today especially - it’s hard to believe that the sun was bright and shining, the weather was nice and warm, and students were just arriving to campus. But they were!

As alumni of CU, it is so amazing watching new students take their first steps into adulthood as they leave home, look towards their future, and begin a new chapter in their lives. It's a profound moment, one which each of us remembers quite well. On this first day, a day filled with many firsts, emotions, and tears, your whole life is ahead of you. It's an excitement you can never quite recreate and a thrill you'll never forget.

Cornerstone's Welcome Day is an amazingly special event we are always excited to help take part in; we not only get to relive our memories of our first few moments of university, but we also welcome our new family members to the home that ties us all together.