Over the last two years the story of Water, Bitter Water has become significantly close to my heart. Not only am I and the rest of our team able to help tell the story of one of our dear friends that we have known for years, but we also have the chance to be part of something extremely special - the act of honesty. It's a powerful thing, honesty, and watching Marin Brooke share her life story, honestly and without reserve is really quite beautiful.

Nearly two and half years ago when this project was first pitched to me I was intrigued, but I had no idea just what would come of it, nor did I understand the full scope that would become Water, Bitter Water. Both of these have only become clearer over the past two years as we have dove deeper and further into Marin's story. I am also certain that I will continue to discover more about the art of story and the power that this one holds as we pursue onward, telling the story of the next two chapters to come. 

The act of telling this story, specifically the one within this chapter, is not one we take lightly. Perhaps that is why it has taken us so long to capture it's emotion and rage in the best way possible. Hail is truly a moment of complete and brutal honesty. The art of telling such a powerful thing is certainly difficult, but the value of doing so is undeniable. 

Through the storm and story that is Hail, Marin Brooke is one of the bravest people I know, and I am proud to call her friend. I can hardly begin to fathom just how many people lost in the dark and storms of life will be touched by her honesty. But with that said, this story is far from over, and her honesty just begun.