While Michigan continues to try and make up it's mind which season it's going into next, we are day dreaming back to this gorgeous sun filled day down in Charleston, wandering all around the city with these two beautiful humans!

We've known Rachel for what feels like forever at this point and when we had heard the news that David, this southern gentlemen that we had seen photos of and heard all about, had asked her to marry him we were swooning from all the emotions! And the only thing better than that news was getting to spend a day with them down in the warm ocean breeze and southern sunshine. It was our first time meeting David that day, but it was apparent almost immediately how perfectly he complimented Rachel. They both are incredibly selfless having two of the purest servant-hearts you could ever find, they're constantly focused on caring for the other, they laugh loud and they laugh often, but above all they live out their lives as an ongoing act of worship to bring glory back to God.

To say we are looking forward to spending a weekend with them this fall down in the gorgeous Hilton Head area is a LEGIT understatement. Aside from the trip down south, the beautiful backdrops that will be aplenty, and some time to hangout beachside, we are just stoked to be spending time with these two wonderful souls who have captured our heart completely.

Seriously counting down the days till this Fall!

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