Seven years: Seven years of adventures. Seven years of living the dream. Seven years of storytelling. The number seems to become harder to comprehend with each passing season. It's nearly impossible to remember back to sitting in my dorm room on a Friday night in April as a Junior in college realizing everything that was before our team, then flash forwarding to now. While seven years feels like such a long time, there are so many parts of it that feel like near no time has elapsed at all. As if just a month ago we were heading to our first wedding, delivering our first corporate commercial, or even getting to start our first passion project. So much life has happened in these seven years and yet we still can feel ourselves growing and stretching every day.

Any journey, any story, worth its merit is both equal parts bitterness and joy, struggle and the strength to overcome, and not least of all, the outward personification of inward growth. I am not the same person I was sitting in that dorm room all those years ago, much the same way I know none of us are the same people we were even just a year or two ago. Being allowed to grow and be present with this team through every success, every failure, every road trip, every celebration, and every reflection has been a blessing. To have walked through countless personal trails with one another and to see how yourself has changed and matured, but then also some of the people you are closest to? That has been an adventure all its own right, and one I am forever thankful for.

I know I've said it before; this adventure for our team is one filled with highs and lows. The moments of pure excitement and the painful ones we'd all rather avoid, but we know all too well that we have to work through them. In all of that, in every season, to be surrounded by a wonderful team of caring individuals who point each other towards truth and the desire to tell a story of the world we want, well, that makes every high and low utterly worth it.

So here it is, seven years of filmmaking, seven years of learning from the failures, seven years of growing to be a deeper community for one another, seven years of working harder and harder to serve our clients and their stories, seven years of being better humans to everyone and everything around us, and to seven years of unfolding journeys. May we be blessed to see yet another one. Thank you for joining us on this adventure.