I met Paige a few years back just before her and I set off with a group to Zambia, Africa on a relief and documentary trip. Luckily for us a nice long layer over in London, England and what seemed like an unfathomable amount of time on the various plane rides provided us with plenty of time to get to know each other. Instantly I knew that this was a bright, generously kind, and outright hilariously funny girl that would one day meet a man just as equally wonderful to match.

Enter Noah. It wasn't long after we got back to the states that I started hearing Paige talk about him and there wasn't a question in my mind that she was smitten with him. Over the next year or so after that, through some trying and growing adventures shared between the two of them, Noah and Paige started dating and honestly I could not have pegged a better match for her. Noah's carefree lightheartedness was only surpassed by his compassionate demeanor and it was evident in every look and every smile he had around her that his heart was Paige's and her's alone.

Getting to watch these two grow together as a collective unit, ready to set out and change the world, has been incredible and altogether a blessing for all of their friends and family. These photos just begin to scratch the surface of how much fun, love, and joy is shared between these two for the other, and that is the honest to God-truth.