Sometimes (read a lot of times) we have to remind ourselves on wedding days that we are not dreaming, that the drop dead gorgeous and graciously sweet couple we are filming and sharing the day with is truly this amazing, that the backdrop to their beautiful day is real and that we're not off in some fairytale land, and that the love we are getting to witness is true, unfailing, and pure on every conceivable level possible. And that literally sums up Kristen + Chris's day!

We can't help but get caught up in all those feelings and moments every time we look through their wedding photos and films - and without question we can't help but stop grinning ear to ear! Kristen + Chris got married at the breathtaking, rolling grounds of Pine Knob Carriage House and believe us when we say that wasn't even the most magical part of the day. Every time we turned around Kristen was just glowing, Chris couldn't stop smiling, and we had the hardest time trying to keep from swooning over the two of them the whole day.

Their wedding was no doubt one of the fairytale weddings you pray for and we are so thankful to these two for letting us share in their day, celebrate their love with them, their family, and their friends, and for reminding us again why we love doing what we do for a living. Take a minute and spoil yourself with some breathtaking veil magic, flowing ivy walls, dazzling wedding dresses, and dreamy couple moments in Kristen + Chris' wedding trailer!

Photographer: EJ Dowd

Florist: Memorable Creations by Bonnie

Hair and Makeup: Ashlee Ann on location hair & make-up

DJ: Ultimate Sounds Entertainment Group

Wedding Cake: Holiday Market

Catering & Bar: Pine Knob Carriage House

Wedding Dress: Nancy's Bridal

Venue: Pine Knob Carriage House