Dads come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Literally! Some are tech nerds, some our sports fanatics, some are basically clowns, and some are simply put our best friends. But no matter the type of dad we each have, biological or adopted, or discovered, our dads have been our hero's from day one. Whether it was tossing the ball around with us in the backyard, teaching us how to build our first working train set in the basement, comforting us after our first breakup, teaching us how to shave, helping act interested when we were picking out our dress for the first school dance, or simply being that shoulder to lean on whenever things got tough: our dads have been there, always.

We can all probably admit we don't call home enough, or show our best side to him as often as we should, but the dads in our lives never stop loving us. They continuously point us towards the path of truth, being a good person, and working with everything we have in us to make this world a better place - even if it's just one bad dad joke at a time. So this Father's day remember to celebrate the man in your life that gets to wear the title "dad" honorably.