Every year, we get excited for one of our largest corporate cinematography pieces, the Cornerstone University Commencement Series where we have the privilege of showcasing a few of these unique and weaving colorful stories that make up CU's students. People of varying ages and walks of life, seemingly so different, but united under a hunger for knowledge and a search for a deeper understanding of our Creator. It is a converging of many distinct stories. Different walks of life and experiences meeting and cooperating to reach a goal together that is both individual and collective: Commencement. This is a time of celebration and reflection, but it also serves as a checkpoint, a chapter change in a larger narrative of lives.

These are just a small sampling of the students and lives that have been changed by the community and experience here and we are so excited to see where each of these nine students' journeys take them in their continuing adventure. 

From everyone here at ShadowShine Pictures, congratulations and best of luck to the 2017 Cornerstone University graduates!