Ask just about anyone and they'll tell you that there is something magical about theatrical storytelling. Sitting in a dark room for 2 hours with a group of strangers, experiencing the same story in front of you, and each walking away with a deep and meaningful take on the story that then makes you think differently is one of the most fascinating wonders of our age. As storytellers ourselves, we fell in love with this artform of such storytelling.

This summer we are excited to be setting out to tell just such a story that just such an audience can come together and experience as one. It's actually the first story that was ever told, but with a new twist; the Fall in the Garden of Eden, but set at a corporate business party in the boss' garden estate.

We've been workshopping, refining, and laughing all along the way over the last year as we have continued to develop and deepen the story of Garden Party. With every step of creating this script, these characters, this world, we have only fallen more and more in love with this story and we are so excited to begin to share it with the world. It's a dark comedy, with an interesting spin and perspective on the subject matter that we are positive will have a crowd of strangers sitting in a dark room somewhere laughing their heads off.

But in order to tell this story, we need you!

This is a massive undertaking, and we aren't kidding when we say this is the largest story, production, or project we have set out to tell. It's new, it's exciting, it's daring, but in the end it's our dream; to tell stories that make an audience think, laugh, love, and grow. This isn't just a hobby, this is what we want to do with our lives. And in order to do that, we need people like you! People who like experiencing something new, who believe in the art of storytelling through film, people who love watching stories unfold before them, and people who live for storytelling just like us.

We need you. We need your help in sharing this story and this campaign with everyone that you can think of. We need your excitement and your energy. We need your support and belief. We need you, our fellow storyteller.

Check out our IndieGoGo campaign for Garden Party to find out more on how to get involved, experience this story for all it's worth, and how to have a few laughs with us along the way. This is the story of Garden Party, where just one sip can change the world.