We love working and collaborating with local businesses that are leading the way in innovation, excellence, and integrity within their respective markets. When our team was approached by the team at Tramec Sloan, a Holland based ISO certified engineering company serving the heavy-duty trucking industry, we were excited to come on board and and craft for them a short film highlighting their history, exceptional products, and reputation within the industry.

Starting as Sloan Transportation Products, a branch of The Sloan Valve company, in 1977 Tramec Sloan’s very foundation and history was formed upon the belief that creating quality products with excellent service provided an unmatched value to the industry. After two company merges and a couple years of unified company development, Tramec continues to live this belief out on a daily basis.

Today Tramec Sloan has developed into a lead supplier of quality heavy-duty truck and trailer products to OEMs and the aftermarket. Their team functions as a single source provider of original equipment for their customers, providing quality products that are both innovative and efficient for those whom they serve.

Between roadtripping to Tramec’s Galion, Ohio and Iola, Kansas branches, to learning about the developing and growing culture of their company, this was an exciting project to have been a part of. For us personally, we were stretched creatively and had the opportunity to try new styles and ways of telling their story. During this process we not only learned new skills, got to tour the midwest a bit, and created a film, we also gained a growing relationship with Sloan, and for that we could not be more thankful.

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