If you know us, ever had the chance to connect with us, or have followed us for more than a day chances are you've heard us talk about the work of telling stories. It's core to who we are, and it's what makes us excited to get out of bed every morning. It directs and inspires us and it's what we firmly believe in.

Storytelling is an old art, but it's something that is so intrinsically a part of who we all are that it will never cease to stop bringing us together. From every corner of the world stories have, and always will, bring people of different walks and understandings together. The ability to help play a role in such a moving force makes us ecstatic.

The chance to help share somebody's journey in a way that countless hundreds can connect and relate to them; the ability to help create a place and moment when we engage with something else other than just a pixelated screen; the privilege to help tell and be a part of a much larger story that is at work in our world - storytelling is an unbelievable tool that in many ways marks who we are as a society, community, and world.

From a small business owner here in West Michigan, to a community working to end the threat of Malaria and extreme poverty half a world away; from a couple exchanging their vows on their wedding day, to a dreamer who has a vision of changing the world for the better - everyone's story is collection of characters and adventures that is telling a much larger story - and it's that story that we continue to chase after and tell day after day. 

That's what we believe in, and that's why we do what we do; to tell the story of who we ALL are, and where we're daring to go next!