We are instantly drawn to couples who are actively engaging the world around them, seeking to make the world a better place one day at a time. We love hearing their passions, seeing their hearts displayed, and getting to help be a part of their much larger story. Sarah and Kyle are just such a couple! The way they seek social change by cultivating thought, discussion, and action amongst their family, friends and colleagues is both inspiring and humbling for us.

What's more, they are simply put one of the sweetest, most humble, and caring couples that we have met. They asked us throughout the day so many times if we were doing alright and their others-focused personalities were on fully display. These two truly do care for their neighbor as they would themselves and their beautiful spirits are so refreshing.

We are thankful to know these two and to have shared in their story on their wedding day. We are extremely excited to see what is ahead for them and we are wishing them so much love and support! Help us in celebrating Mr.+Mrs. Dykgraaf!