How we end up with the most wonderful and beautiful couples is a question we may never know the answer to but they are a blessing we are eternally thankful for. And no, we aren't just talking "beautiful" in terms of how gorgeous they look - because like for real, they certainly have it going on! - but beautiful in the sense that they lift one another up, comfort each other, and point the other to joy and life even when stress and emotions swell up and feel overwhelming. The ones that wipe the tears away, meet their Love where they are at, and walk them through difficult moments. Roopa and Ryan are a shining example of just such a couple, and throughout their entire wedding weekend they reminded us just what we are called to in this life - unconditional love.

Whether it was making sure the needs of the other were being attended to or showering each other with affection; whether it was making sure the other always had their favorite drink in their hand or keeping a smile on each other's face with an endless supply of dad jokes, these two were in a world all their own. Roopa and Ryan are the type of couple that we are so greatly humbled by, the ones that consistently teach us what care and compassion truly looks like. All we can say to these two wonderful and gorgeous humans is thank you - thank you for allowing us to pay witness to your love over your wedding weekend. Thank you for pointing us back to love, and thank you for throwing one hell of a party. You both will forever have all our love!