One of our favorite things is having couples tell us how much they love and adore our work, so when Nanditha told us that Kiran literally said, "Stop looking, we are going with Shadow|Shine" when she showed him our work, we definitely blushed.

Our first time officially meeting these two was a few short weeks before their gorgeous Indian wedding, over a lovely cup of Starbucks. We talked about everything from how the two of them met, to the long journey of wedding planning that only brought the two of them closer together, to every beautiful detail of their wedding weekend. We only met for an hour or so, but after leaving it felt as if we were old, dear friends with these two amazingly sweet and kind people.

And we could not have asked for a more breathtaking Indian wedding as our final one of the 2014 season. From Nanditha's beautiful bridal colors, to the gorgeous U of M campus that served as their backdrop, this was an incredible wedding weekend to take part in. It's the kind of weekend that you feel exhausted after filming, but so happy and thrilled that you had the honor of sharing in it - and with a couple like Nanditha and Kiran, how couldn't you?!

We are so very thankful for these two, and appreciate their love and support for our art so incredibly much. They are gorgeous together inside and out and this trailer only skims the surface of the depth of their Love. Take a moment to fall in love with these two like we have!