It takes an extraordinary amount of courage, perseverance, and gusto to take a leap of faith, set out on your own path, and chase a goal you’ve been dreaming about for years. Earlier this summer our amazingly talented friend, Lauren Manzer, did just that. Back in July she officially opened her passion project and storefront, My Sister’s Closet Thrift, and we had such a wonderful time being part of the celebration, helping document this incredible important moment in her, her sisters’, and her family’s collective story together,

We’ve had the rare honor of being by Lauren’s side these many months leading to this milestone, and it has been nothing short of inspiring to see how fervently she has pursued this new chapter in her live, and the vision she has for this store as a whole. Sure, chasing your dreams can be scary, demanding, and at times exhausting, but Lauren is the perfect example of what dedication, heart, and family can truly lead to - a place where sisters of any kind can come together and be empowered together through the clothes they wear.

My Sister’s Closet: Upscale Thrift.

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