My friendship with these two wonderful and amazing world changers started some years ago. I first met Nick as we both were paying for a relief and educational trip across seas to Zambia, Africa. Nick struck me as one of the most level headed, down to earth, and incredibly caring people I have ever met. Our friendship grew over those twelve days of traveling around dirt roads and visiting villages and seeing the relief work happening by the locals in those communities.

At the time he was smitten with, but not yet dating, a bright, charismatic, beautiful young lady named Lauren who I had yet to meet but had already become friends with other various members of our team. It was shortly after Nick and I returned stateside that the two dated and I actually got to know Lauren completely separate from Nick on various sets that she crewed for our team. Everything from a Second Assistant Director, to Production Designer, to even a Casting Director, Lauren's grown to be a member of our local film community that we have loved getting to know and for my own part, getting to create with.

Flash forward to today, the day before these two amazing, compassionate, and Jesus loving people say "I do" to forever after with one another. I don't think there is a member of our team that isn't stoked and excited about their wedding tomorrow and we are incredibly blessed to have had a front row seat to watching these two grow together over the last several years and we are going to for sure be crying like babies tomorrow as we get to witness Lauren+Nick become one.

Here's to happiness, love, and pure joy after a week that felt like it was lacking all three of those. Spread the love my friends!