One of the things our team loves most about getting to work alongside our alma mater and help them tell their story is just that - getting to watch as their story, their journey, and the lives of their students grow and develop. Last year one of the next major chapters in the Cornerstone campus' story was the announcement of their new Engineering division and program courses. The vision for this new addition to the university's academic experience has been to equip students to learn to be designers, innovators, environmentalists, and engineers of influence and excellence in our world for Christ.

When CU approached and shared the exciting news with us we knew this would be a special project for a lot of different reasons. One of the main ones being how important this step of expanding their academics into this field was, and for such an important step, we decided to push the limits of what our conventional style and storytelling looked like. So here we present to you the official Engineering Matters program commercial developed to help connect prospective students with Cornerstone University to see how they can grow and learn to build lives of engineers that have a lasting influence on this world we all share. 

This has no doubt been a project that we have loved being a part of, getting to dig deep, connecting with the first official students of this new division, but more so we are so excited to see how the program takes off over the coming years!