If you asked us to name two people who are equal parts thoroughly caring and utterly hilarious, guess who would be at the top of our list? Yep, that would be Claire + Rex.

We’ve found that the most memorable weddings are those that reflect perfectly the couples that are at the center of these incredibly important days, and you’ve most likely heard us talk about how these are easily our favorite types of stories to be a part of. But when these weddings also include two of your dear, dear friends, well you basically walk around on cloud nine the entire day trying to choke back tears because you’re so excited and overcome with joy for these two humans that you love so deeply.

Claire + Rex’s wedding was everything we could have ever hoped and dreamed for them and we will never be able to say enough how thankful we are to have them in our lives, or to have shared in their day with them. These are just a few moments that get us tearing up when we think back to this beautiful summer day. Here’s to all the Patagonia, camping adventures, and years of storytelling ahead for you both, Mr+Mrs Pickar!

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