When two of your favorite, joy-filled, adventurous friends ask you to spend an afternoon with them going on an adventure it's hard to refuse, and it's down right impossible when it's Rex and Claire! Rex became a close friend of our team during a trip to Zambia Africa a few years ago and shortly after he helped us run a pretty intensive marketing campaign for our first major narrative short film project. It wasn't long after when we met Claire, whom Rex had been dating for a bit by then, and we truly could not think of a better match for this kind and caring friend we found in Rex.

Claire is Rex's equal in both grace and compassion, his guiding light, and his adventure buddy. You can see it in the way he looks at her with those stolen glances, you can hear it in her laugh when he holds and snuggles up close to her. No couple is perfect, but man, these two balance, strengthen, and raise up the other in such a beautiful and awe-inspiring way that the word feels quite right to be applied.

This late fall afternoon walking around Eastown, heading out into the sun laced woods, and venturing down a quiet river bank, was less like work and infinitely more like getting lost on an adventure with two of your favorite characters from a book you fell in love with years ago. Both are on their way to some amazing and ambitious dreams, but what we are most excited about for Claire and Rex is their wedding later this summer, when the two say "I do" and pledge their love to one another. We should probably start thinking about stocking up on tissues because there are no doubts that we are going to be bawling the whole day!

Seriously, love, love, LOVE these two!