Venturing outside of our state to film a wedding is a special occasion for us; even more so when that occasion is the wedding of these two DROP DEAD GORGEOUS PEOPLE! We were so excited and honored when Casey+Regan asked us to come all the way out to Toledo to be a part of their day and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day to spend with these two. On a day like today it's hard to remember what warm sun feels like on your skin, but this wedding trailer is helping us to do so!

Seriously, we're not sure how we keep getting blessed with couples like Casey and Regan, but we are so beyond thankful for them! The love story between these two is a long one, and you can so easily see how deeply these two care for one another and how God has played such a central role in shaping these two over the years for one another. And there was no shortage of joy and laughter as everyone just purely celebrated these two, love, and the blessings bestowed on all of us. There's little thought we have to give when someone asks what we like, better yet love, filming weddings; all we have to do is point them to moments like these.

We're madly in love with these two, that's all we can say.