Oh man, where do I even begin with these two! Bryce and Anna are two incredibly special people in my life and having gotten to know them over the years leading up to this special day made being able to be a part of their wedding an unbelievable gift, blessing, and joy to be real.

I first got to know Bryce on a trip to Africa a few years ago and while I had known of him prior that trip since we attended the same university, it wasn't until that summer that I realized just how great of a man he was and truly got to see the heart he had for Christ. We went through a lot on the trip, experienced things that changed us both, arguably forever, and honestly he quickly became like a brother to me.

A couple months later once he and I returned state-side I officially met Anna on corporate shoot and while they had already been dating for sometime at that point I'm pretty sure one of my first things I told Bryce was how absolutely brilliant she was and how he needed to put a ring on her finger ASAP. We both laughed, he agreed, and sure enough a year or so later, these two were engaged and I was over the moon.

I've watched them grow together through the seasons of graduating, finding jobs that they loved, moving to a new city that they loved more, find newer jobs, organizing a huge and gorgeous wedding, and beginning the process of planning the rest of their lives together. There is no doubt in my mind that they are the perfect balance to one another, a blend of two similar yet complimentary persons and souls that lift one another up, sharpen the other daily, and care for each other on a deep level that I cannot put into words.


This wedding, their beautiful day, is one of those that I'll look back on with a giant grin for years to come; overwhelmed by pure joy and excitement for two of my dear friends, Mr+Mrs Sack.