You know that kind of love where once you've experienced it you feel really happy and excited? Well thats the kind of love that Amanda+Andrew just immanent! We first started connecting with Amanda way back in mid-summer of last year and after meeting them a couple weeks later we knew these two were one of those wonderfully sweet and humble couples that everyone instantly falls in love with.

Their compassion, concern, and care for one another, while also knowing exactly how to make the other feel completely safe and protected leaves you speechless. The more we talked with them and got to know them, the more we fell in love with the perfect image of fidelity and commitment they embodi. In almost ten years these two have went from acquaintances, to best friends, to husband + wife. Their story of commitment, grace, and eternal love is one that helps put everything into perspective for us.

We love these two. Simple as that. We're certain you will too. From our entire team, we are wishing Amanda+Andrew the very best from now until always!


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