Today the first chapter in our Water, Bitter Water series, Humidity is being released. I wrote a few months ago about how excited I was for our team to begin work on this and now that we have finished up the very first chapter I am that much more excited for Hann's story to grow. This particular chapter in the series is the opening of Marin Hann's four piece documentary, accounting for her childhood journey through personal struggles, her physical and spiritual set backs, and her family's personal demons. 

I am still amazed at Hann's complete and totally transparency in regards to her past in this very first chapter of her deeply heartfelt story. And I am still honored to people able to help tell her story with the rest of the team. I don't think any of us know the full gravity of this tale yet- arguably Hann doesn't even fully know yet herself- but I absoultly believe this is a story worth telling. So here it is, the beginning of our journey that sets the stage for the rest of her tale. This is an incredibly beautiful story and we are so proud to present to you, Humidity; the tale of a paradox and one girl's attempt to come to grips with it.