Really enjoyed getting to spend the evening with these two filming Blake Wisz Photography's proposal to the love of his life, Jasmine. The surprise party that he threw her to follow, with their closest family and friends gathered together to celebrate with them, was absolutely beautiful and so classy!

We've known Blake for a couple years now, and he's even been an actor for us in past productions we've made, so when he first started talking and posting pictures of this girl named "Jasmine", we knew there was something extra special about her; his face would simply light up when talking about her. Over the years we watched these two grow together, experiencing the highs of youth, as well as experiencing some of the more difficult seasons of life and loss. Through it all Jasmine and Blake have grown into a beautiful couple and we were so honored that Blake asked us to capture the evening for the both of them.

These two are great together and we can't wait for them to tie the knot this August- Congratulations Blake+Jasmine, couldn't be more happy or thrilled for you two!