It has been a crazy few days since last weekend and I am so extremely excited to get back on set this weekend! Last Saturday we spent the entire day on set filming the b-story of the music video and I just need to take a second to sing the praises of our crew and talent! They were amazing at executing my vision, and there is no way we could have done what we did if it weren't for each of them. I'm just geeking out about this weekend now when we get to film the entire band sequence of the music video- this is truly what I love to do!

And, just to give everyone a little sneak peak at what we worked on last week, check out one of the first stills from the Cities and Saints' Over It music video set! Here actress Tara Harley awakens to the "real", surrounded by her broken life as she "lives in ignorance". Keep posted for more behind-the-scenes photos and video clips from the set coming soon!