How do I even begin with this wedding? How do I sum up all of these emotions, memories, and feelings? This wasn't just a wedding, this was Brittany+Nate, two people that I've known for years, have grown incredibly close to, and love so dearly. This wedding, their wedding, was potentially the most amazing, and most emotional wedding I've ever filmed. Where do I even start to tell their story?

I met Nate on a Tuesday night on campus. It was the start of his sophomore year, my junior. Our mutual friend Savi introduced the two of us, knowing we both shared a similar passion- film. I won't lie, I was a little unsure of Nate, and was actually really closed off. I knew his older brother, and knew how great of a filmmaker he was, therefore Nate must have been just as amazing. This was intimidating.

We didn't talk much, in fact I tried to get away as soon as I could. It wasn't until about a month later, when I was in the middle of trying to pull a video together on my own, that Nate walked into the corum and saw the panic and madness I was in. He came up to me and asked a simple question, "do you need some help?" Little did I know that would be the start of one of my dearest friendships.

Im sure I had "met" brittany in passing before the night she came to my house in downtown GR, but my earliest memory of her is that night when this girl that Nate had been going on and on about, came to our Friday night Movie Night. She made and brought the most amazing baked goods for us and I told Nate that night, "you're to marry that girl." Little could I have known that this breathtakingly beautiful girl who sat on my couch would sure enough, be the girl that my best friend would come to make his wife.

Over these last few years I have had the amazing ability to watch these two fall in love, grow together, and become a true reflection of God's image. They have stuck together through thick and thin, have encouraged each other to be a better person than they were the day before, and have sought God with everything within themselves. I know beyond a doubt these two were meant to be from the beginning of time. I don't say this lightly- they are absolutely perfect for one another.

I couldn't have been more blessed to have had the honor of sharing the day with these two in such a special and unique way. Having the ability to see all those little looks, all those "my breath was just taken away" moments. I couldn't have been more thankful to be there with them on that special day this past summer, but more so, I couldn't be more thankful to call these two my friends.

There are an uncountable number of words that I could try and use to describe Brittany+Nate, their wedding day, and their love. How could I sum all that up? Where would I begin? Well, this trailer is probably a good place to start. From all of us at the Shadow|Shine team, we are wishing our very own Mr+Mrs Porter the absolute very best, and an eternity of happiness. Here’s to these two beautiful people!


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