We are extremely excited about taking part in the final Night of Nets event of the Fall season, happening at Cornerstone University tonight. It has been so amazing being a part of this journey, and helping lend our talents to spreading the story of Malaria, bed nets, and a world that we desperately long to see- a world without Malaria, and more so a world without disease or sickness.

These are the stories we live to tell; the story of two communities, nearly a third of a world away from each other, engaging with one another to learn from the other, and to help make a difference for a world we want. We could not be more thankful to have the chance to help tell this story, and to help raise awareness about how we can work to end Malaria worldwide.

It's so easy to get involved, and so simple to help make a huge change in places like Zambia, or other Sub-saharan African countries. How could we not help for only $6.00? 

If you're in the Grand Rapids area tonight, we would love to see you at the CU Men's Soccer Night of Nets game tonight starting at 7pm. Come be a force for change, come be a part of the story.