Water, Bitter Water is a documentary series based on the life story of Marin Brooke Hann as she reflects on some of the most intimate and honest struggles of her life. This series looks at four distinct stories and chapters from Hann's adolescence and early adult years. Throughout these four chapters of the Water, Bitter Water series, Hann takes us on a personal and brutally honest journey of her spiritual walk.

The first chapter in this series is the tale of Humidity; a paradox, an ever complex irony that surrounds each of our lives and keeps us in an ever growing state of tension between the external world and what we know to be sovereign truth. This is the story of Hann's struggle to come to terms with her own physical and spiritual paradox as she tells the story of the burden and difficulties of her early childhood.

The Hail Storm, or more formally known as Hail, is the second chapter in this story; a period of torrential chaos and rage, seeming to never end. This chapter of Hann's story follows after her struggle with suicide and the paradox that was Humidity in her very early childhood. Here she begins to tell a story of a much darker period in her life that would later give rise to far worse demons.

This is a story about honesty. This is the story of Water, Bitter Water.