-A Global Series Focused on Education and RESTORATION-

In May of 2014 we set out on the beginning journey to help share the story of a culture and community half a world away. We’d soon learn this would be the first of many journeys that we’d be inspired to go on, but this very first one led us to the small Sub-Saharan African country of Zambia. Here we had the chance to document and tell the story of the extreme poverty and disease in the area.

As we filmed the stories of multiple African's we found both humans broken by the devastating issues in their communities and homes, but also those hopeful, and working towards creating a world they were passionate about seeing come to fruition. Along this journey we filmed the stories of six Americans traveling to the area as well, posing a similar question to them along the way; is this the world you want?

This is a documentary series that looks at the difficult realities of poverty, inequality, and disease around our world. This series grapples with the overwhelming darkness that resides just a few hours by plane-ride away in today’s global society. But more so this series aims to begin the conversation that helps lead to a solution to the problem posed by the self-titled question; how do we make a world we want?

This is a current and ongoing series. We hope to expand this from not just the country of Zambia Africa, but to many more countries and communities across the globe that are wrestling with the realities of this life. We believe that through education by means of telling these stories, that we can begin to restore the injustices of this reality and build a world we all long for.

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