There is something so wonderful, so enrapturing about a wedding of friends that you are just overcome with emotions and are filled with this joy that is utterly indescribable. This perfectly captures what Cassie+Josh's wedding day was for us. Over the last few years we've gotten to know Josh, and subsequently Cassie - the love of his life - and we were so excited when Josh told us he was planning to propose. But we were even more thrilled when he asked if we'd film and photograph that most amazingly special life changing moment. That night there wasn't a dry eye in that candle-lit-barn, filled with photos of the two of them throughout the years. More so though, there was no shortage of smiles and unending laughter after she said "yes".

Cassie and Josh have been by each other's side for years now, having fallen in love back in their high school days when they both began to realize how much they each cared for one another, and more so their Creator. It was at a youth group fall retreat that Josh first caught Cassie's eye during a private devotional time. It was in that moment that Cassie thought to herself, "Lord, this is the type of man I want to marry - someone completely and utterly focused on you." She admits it was a passing thought, but little did she know this was in fact the man that she would one day call her husband. Over the many years that have followed these two have grown deeper in love with one another, and deeper still into their faith and calling. They beautifully personify the passage in Proverbs 27, sharpening and building one another up to be the best person and Christ follower that they can be.

These two have a love story that makes our hearts melt, not because of chance encounters or long standing love, but because of how selflessly they adore and care for one another. Theirs is a type of love that once you have seen it you are changed truly and wholly for the better.