You know those couples you meet and are instantly great friends with? That was totally Skye+Eric for us! Skye connected with us way back in the spring of 2013 to tell us about her and Eric's June Leland wedding, and it took no time at all to realize that spending the day with these two would be awesome- we didn't quite expect, though, just how much we would fall in love with them!

Every moment from their rehearsal, all the way to the end of their wedding day, at a campfire on the beach, these two were a blast to hang out with. More so their entire wedding was so very personal and authentic. You could not find a single detail that Skye and Eric hadn't thoughtfully chosen and selected to help create a wedding celebration that was true to them, their family and friends. From the breathtaking Joye's Cottage overlooking Lake Michigan, where their bridal party stayed for the weekend, to the Old Art Building in downtown Leland where their ceremony+reception were held, they threw a wedding party where everyone felt at home.

We loved every minute of this wedding, and really wish we could relive it every week! Skye and Eric, you two are amazing and so kind, we can't thank you enough for letting us share in your day- cheers to you, and looking forward to the many years ahead of you both!