These two are simply fantastic! When Jarron connected with us last fall and told us a little about his future bride and himself we knew that we absolutely would love spending the weekend capturing their South Asian, Muslim + Jewish infused wedding. In fact Jarron said if their wedding sounded like a project we'd enjoy to let him know. Let's just say we were more than a little excited to pay witness to such a beautiful embodiment of Love.

Every wedding is a gorgeous personification of a couple's commitment to one another, and we truly are honored when couples who love our work invite us to share in their wedding celebrations, but this one was certainly one we will never forget. Witnessing not just these two pledging themselves to one another, but also witnessing two families of different cultures and faiths come together in love to celebrate was humbling and quite breathtaking.

We are honored to be a part of telling a good love story, and Samah+Jarron's is an absolutely amazing one! Show this beautiful couple some love!