If you follow us, have talked with us, or know us at all, you know how close Night of Nets is to our hearts. NoN is a community coming and working together to be change agents for other communities around the world in the prevention of Malaria. Each NoN event has a monumental influence and outcome on the lives of countless families and children around the world, something which our team has witnessed first hand. The relief, joy, and love you can see on a sister's face as she receives a bed net, knowing that her siblings whom she cares for can sleep safely at night is a sight that you can never forget. 

If we could, we would take each of you and allow you to witness the impact that one bed net can have. It truly is the easiest, most sustainable answer to the Malaria crisis in areas like Sub-Saharan Africa. A bed net honestly changes lives and the entire future for Africa. It keeps children healthy enough to attend school, it helps keep parents and caretakers working to support their families and the economy of their community, and it protects everyone from a sickness that can kill them.

We are proud and excited to stand behind CU's Men and Women's basketball teams as they continue to help raise awareness and support in helping end this completely preventable, but life threatening disease. Join us on February 18th at 7:00pm @ Cornerstone University as we work together to end the threat of Malaria and bring security to families and children around the world, one bed net at a time.