They say opposites attract and that could not be more the case for Margaux + Derek. One of the first things they told us when we met them was that they are complete opposites on just about everything, but despite that, they both fell head over heels for each other when they met in St Louis, Missouri. Margaux fell in love with Derek’s humor, laugh, and goofy but albeit adorable personality, and Derek was enraptured by Margaux’s creative, bold, and graceful spirit. While from the outset they may seem like polar opposites, they without question form a perfect pairing, and you can see it in the way they look at each other – so much care, so much joy, so much contentment.

We were well in love with these two well before we ever got to their day, but little did we know that all of us would have quite the extraordinary day and grow closer and more in love with these two. The morning of their wedding at the picturesque Centennial Barn we could all see storm clouds gathering in the distance. For the most part that was a note that didn’t seem all that concerning at the time, but within just a couple hours we all realized the storm was much worse than anticipated. After tornado sirens went off we all were rushed into the storm shelter where we waited out the weather. No one was quite certain how the rest of the day was going to go but all you had to do was look at Margaux and Derek and you would know everything was going to be just fine. They weren’t perturbed, they weren’t worried. They had waited for this day, and no matter the weather, nothing changed the fact that this was a day of celebrating their love.

At one point Margaux said that she didn’t care if it was pouring rain, she’d still stand outside and recite her vows to Derek because that was how much he meant to her. Needless to say we swooned, HARD, at the moment. While being in the storm cellar there was plenty to be worried about given that a tornado was touching down just a few miles from us, but there was an unwavering sense of calm. These two people, Margaux and Derek, had a love so strong, not even the worst of mother nature could shake their confidence or love in each other. 

Eventually the worst of the storm passed and though we spent most of the day drenched after getting rained on at least another two times, this was one of the most memorable weddings we have ever had the privilege of sharing in. Margaux and Derek are already a beautiful couple that it doesn’t take long to fall in love with, but on top of that they faced a literal tornado and didn’t back down because they knew everything was going to be okay as long as they had each other by their sides. There’s nothing else that we could say that would stand as a testament to their love and their commitment to each other. 

Here's to Mr+Mrs Derek and Margaux Lercher!

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