What would Dory do if she had her own movie? Make it number one at the box office for a third weekend in a row, of course!

Alan’s predictions from last week were incredibly close, in fact all five of the films he mentioned made it into the top five, with Finding Dory leading the school. The latest Disney Pixar animated sequel did drop like we thought (-42%), but don’t be too worried, the film took home an impressively large $41.8 million over the holiday weekend. Overall the film now has earned more than $372 million domestically, and that means Finding Dory has officially surpassed its predecessor, Finding Nemo, as the fifth highest grossing animated release of all time. And I image Dory will continue to swim near the top of the Box Office for several more weeks.

To compare with other animated films that have come out somewhat recently, The Good Dinosaur made $331.9 million globally after it's release last November, Zootopia made $680.6 million worldwide, and the phenomenon that is Inside Out has earned more than 857.4 million in the little over a year since it’s release. What’s even more incredible though is that in it’s third week Finding Dory’s domestic total has already surpassed what all three of these movies made domestically in the several months that followed their releases (Inside Out only earned $356.4 million domestically, Zootopia following next with $340.9 million and $123 million from The Good Dinosaur)

Landing the number two spot at the Box Office this weekend was none other than Tarzan himself, which was directed by the wonderfully talented David Yates. Although Tarzan’s first weekend outside of the jungle wasn’t a total success, he did gross more than $46.5 million which is significantly better than the 38.1 million the film was estimated to earn. With that said, however, the Warner Bros. film has a long way to go if it’s going to make back its $180 million budget. Maybe now that all of the fireworks have been lit, and BBQ has been eaten, people will make it out to see this classic animated movie come to life.

Taking the number four spot is The BFG which unfortunately was a flop, taking home $22.7 million over the three-day weekend, or rather only 16% of the production budget it took to make the film. This adventure animation earned an A- by those on CinemaScore, and the reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic are more positive than negative, the only true complaint that seems to be repeated is that the movie feels slow- like a bedtime story told by a grandfather. In the summer when the theaters are full of high energy blockbusters this giant just can’t compete. In contrast, it seems people are really feeling the urge to purge some elected officials from office seeing as The Purge: Election Year took the number three spot making $31.5 million its very first weekend in the theaters. While Universal studio exes banked on the ultra-patriotic holiday to help build interest for this particular sequel, they seem to have gotten lucky what with the recent news of Brexit, and this year’s presidential election in full swing. And it also has one of the lowest budgets on the box office list right now, costing only about $10 million to make. Tripling your budget on the very first weekend? Very well done! It will be interesting to see how long this stays on the top of the box office seeing as it’s reviews aren’t so favorable, and with surprisingly low ratings of 53% from Rotten Tomatoes and a 55% from Metacritic.

As Alan also predicted, Independence Day: Resurgence had a significant 59% drop with its total profit so far only coming to $72.8 million for this $165-million-dollar budget film on its second weekend out. Consequently landing this sequel in the number five spot at the Box Office this weekend. Interestingly enough though, Independence Day actually led the foreign box office earning $66.1 in China, 13 million in the United Kingdom, 11.5 million in Mexico, and 10.3 million in South Korea. Globally the film has grossed $247.7 million, which is certainly helping with the domestic drop that’s happened here in the states, and will most likely continue to happen over the following weeks as well.

Another film that grew a great amount of attention this weekend was Swiss Army Man as 633 new theaters recently got introduced to Manny and Hank. It jumped from the number 28 spot to number 11, giving the film a 1241.6% profit increase and grossing more than $1.4 million. I honestly mean it when I say that I truly hope to see this film gain even more acknowledgement. Just like its title, this is the Swiss army kit of movies. You want a movie about raising a child? Or maybe about the way broken people can fix other broken people? How about one on the importance of finding comfort and pride in who you are? Or maybe a comedy filled with fart and poop jokes? It’s all of that...and SO much more. We Shadow|Shines will often sit around for hours talking about films after we’ve watch them, yet after Swiss Army Man, we were left completely speechless. Each of us just needing a moment to process. It takes on so many relevant and profound ideas that will leave you feeling vulnerable- just as the characters do! And then remind you that it’s okay, because it’s so incredibly important to feel everything that you can in this life. This is one of the best films I’ve seen all year, and I highly encourage you all to see it.

This coming weekend brings the release of another animated film, The Secrete Life of Pets, and despite the fact that Finding Dory is starting to drop, I don’t see her losing her top spot in the box office to these pups- at least not yet. The Adam Devine and Zac Efron comedy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, is also coming to theaters. With the widely known cast this film has I’m sure it will do well and at least make the top five. I have a feeling The BFG will drop even further. With Tarzan being the classic that it is,  I’m sure this one will stay in the top five. The Purge: Election Year, will mostly likely drop, but I see it staying near the top as well. Probably looking a little something like this:

  1. Finding Dory
  2. The Secrete Life of Pets
  3. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
  4. The Legend of Tarzan
  5. The Purge: Election Year

Adam Stutsman will be happily filling you in on what takes place in the box office next week. Will Finding Dory still be number one? Will the purge continue to climb up the charts? In the meantime go out and see something so you can be a part of the conversation!

 -Andrea Volpp