Even with a handful of newcomers there was no competition for this “tale as old as time” in theatres this weekend, leading Disney’s latest live action remake dwarfing the competition and claiming a couple more notable benchmarks for itself.

Beauty and the Beast took the top spot once again, making over $90 million its second weekend. This makes it the fourth largest sophomore weekend for a film of all time. And with its domestic cume over $315 million, it’s one of the fastest films to ever reach that mark. In comparison to other similar movies such as Maleficent and Cinderella, they each grossed around $34.5 million their second weekends, and The Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland each made around $62 million. All that being said, you don’t need me to tell you that people are absolutely loving this remake, and that the nostalgia that accompanies this film is making us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Seeing the images of Belle’s yellow dress, the rose, and a castle full of living objects that were so prominent in all of our childhood, now in live action is really hitting home for the audiences, and per usual it looks like Disney knew exactly what they were doing when they made this one. The only real issue that some movie goers seem to be having is the fact that LeFou’s character in this remake happens to be gay. Which seems a bit hypocritical of people who are otherwise praising a movie that’s sole message is about withholding any judgments about others you may have until you know their heart and their true intentions. Why do we even have to label ‘gay’- why can’t people just be people? Overall it’s a silly thing to get upset over, especially since it’s such a minute detail in the grand scheme of this film.

But now it’s morphing time! What are we morphing into? Our 90s childhood selves apparently. Our trusty Power Rangers gang took the number two spot this past weekend bring home a little over $40 million and millennials all around seemed to be eating it up, giving the film an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes and an A on CinemaScore. We were all clearly reminiscing on the many Saturday mornings in front of the TV watching Power Rangers with our bowls of Lucky Charms - I know my brother and I weren’t the only ones! 50% of the audience was over the age of 25, no surprise there, but just as well 30% were under the age of 18, showing that not only are former lovers of the series showing up to see it, but the younger audience is getting introduced to it as well.

Our next newcomer this weekend, Life, fell just behind Kong: Skull Island in spot number four, with $12.5 million. Despite its cast of Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds it looks as though Life will be struggling to stay alive at the box office and make back its $58 million production budget. The main complaint being of course that it is just trying to be Alien. Given the fact that we had two major films (and a minor one) this weekend playing on the nostalgia of its viewers, now isn’t a time for a weak or washed up script – now is the time for something truly original if you’re going to compete with the likes of Beauty and the Beast or Power Rangers.

Speaking of that other minor film, CHiPS came in spot number seven making only $7.7 million and after receiving lows scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, it definitely seems like this bag of chips left people with a bad taste in their mouth. Critics and movie goers alike are complaining that the movie is greatly misogynistic, full of cheap humor and unnecessary nudity, further proving that with remakes everywhere, films need to have substance for audiences to get behind. I mean that goes for just about anything now since media is being created at a faster rate more than ever before. People can move on to the next thing in no time if what they’re watching is struggling to give them anything more than second rate sex jokes.

Slamma Jamma was our final film from this past weekend which shot its way into theaters, but ultimately proved to be a flop. Not even cracking the top ten and making just over $1.6 million the film was a major foul up for River Rain this past weekend.

Looking ahead to next week now we have Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johanson who plays a cyborg devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals who have the ability to hack into people’s minds after technology has advanced to the point where the large majority of the population have cyber-brains. There was some controversy over Scarlett Johanson playing the lead in this former Japanese story, but overall this high action film looks as though it could really say a lot about humans need and dependency on technology, which certainly has me intrigued.

The Boss Baby is also crawling its way into theaters this coming weekend with Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, and Jimmy Kimmel all lending their voices to this new DreamWorks animation where a baby is actually a spy on a secret mission to get rid of puppies so that humans start giving babies more attention. And that looks like that’s about all this film has to offer. But maybe I’m wrong and we will all be pleasantly surprised!

The last newcomer this weekend is Focus Feature’s the ZooKeeper’s Wife. It stars Jessica Chastain who is the wide of a Zoo keeper in Warsaw Poland who helps keep hundreds of people and animals safe during the German invasion of Poland during World War 2. The film also stars Daniel Brühl who is a Nazi captain and given Brühl’s other filmography this film looks like a touching and heartbreaking story with an impressive cast line up. Plus the cinematography that I’ve seen from the trailer looks absolutely beautiful, and that alone is enough to get me to go and see it!

-Matthew Miller