The squad got some major hate, Jason didn't come back swinging as hard, and will everyone's favorite House of Cards lead's legacy be forever tarnished by his newest four legged role?

Meeting almost everyone's predictions of where it would land this weekend, Suicide Squad topped the box office this weekend with $133.6 million dollars just from domestic ticket sales. This not only topped Marvel's Deadpool opening of $132 million back in February of this year, it also dethroned the standing champ of largest opening August weekend which was set by Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2014 with $94 million. All in all this is great news for Warner Brothers as the film led the box office this weekend with the next closest contender, Universal's Jason Bourne, trailing over 100 million behind with 22.4 million. 

Which Jason Bourne took a steep decline in sales this round, dropping over 62% from last weekend, but the real news everyone is talking about is what a MAJOR disappointment Suicide Squad has been very virtually everyone who has watched it. For the sake of not spoiling anything I'm not going to dive into a lengthy plot analysis as of right now, but I will say that Suicide Squad's downfall can't be attributed to any one reason. Overall the film has a plethora of huge story issues and failures from both a technically and thematic point-of-view. Its writing was so bland and uninteresting that it made it nearly impossible to stay engaged with what the characters were doing, yet at the same time it was so atrocious that it made you cringe every few minutes - specifically reaching an all time level of pure crap the last 20 minutes of the film. The editing of the film isn't any better as the entire film feels like a random assortment of scenes smashed together leaving you the audience to decide how they should fit together, and rather than having an overarching vibe the entire film feels like it was comprised of a collection of axe-body-spray smelling teenage boys' ideas on what would be a "kick-ass" superhero movie. This only make the fact that once the film finally does get a plot going the entire audience is bored to death by the complete and utter lack of quality special effects that Suicide Squad throws at you. 

But the real issue that I took up with this movie was the dastour of a performance that was Jared Leto's Joker - a role that the man has not shut up about since it was announced he would play the role that has been left in darkness ever since the untimely passing of Heath Ledger. His complete misinterpretation of the character and infuriating portrayal of truly one of the most terrifying super villains ever makes what little time he is on screen so burned into your psyche that you hate everything about this entire film. More disconcerting though is the relationship the Joker has with Margot Robbie's character, Harley Quinn, which the film glamorized to a honestly uncomfortable level. The reason why this is so upsetting is because the relationship is at it's core an abusive relationship both emotionally and physically and you have this dominant psychotic abuser and a broken victim that has a clear case of stockholm syndromed which is used for nothing else but a punchline. 

But if anything good can come from this film it will be Will Smith, Viola Davis, and Margot Robbie's characters which are truly the only reasons worth watching this film. They provide the audience the only really emotional pulls and each of these three actors do their best with what little the script provided for their characters. Hopefully with further development and a stronger writing team we could see the three of them reprise these roles and honestly bring something more dynamic, edgy, and concise to the table - something that would advance this universe the way Warner Brothers executives wanted Suicide Squad to do on its own. And if nothing else we do have Wonder Woman coming out next year which looks to be the best DCEU film yet, and the new Justice League which God-willing will tie up all these loose ends that have just been scattered throughout these first three films. 

Looking ahead to next weekend, however, audience are sure to rebound with three new films that are definitely going to replace Suicide Squad's success. First up is Disney's updated 21st century reboot of Pete's Dragon which is currently scoring an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, and despite possibly being a safe family film, the story is sure to connect well with audiences of all ages as the film has quite a bit of nostalgia power over anyone who remembers watching the original while growing up. Being the only family oriented film with an actual solid story behind it to release in the last several weeks it's safe to assume this film will take the top of the box office as Suicide Squad is going to take a minimum of a -60% decline in revenue weekends 1 to 2. 

Appealing to the older crowds this weekend will be Huge Grant and Meryl Streep's Florence Foster Jenkins which feels almost like an out of place Oscar contended, but given the film looks like it has such a weak plot and story behind it, there's no surprise that it's releasing now as a light, easy to digest film for anyone who just wants to see Streep play a pretty normal, generic old woman. A role that will still probably when her an Oscar for Best Actress despite any number of other eligible and more deserving female leads. 

Finally as counter-counter programing to both these films, is the new Sony Entertainment animated flix, Sausage Party which has been in the works for over 6 years now. This R-rated Seth Rogen comedy is sure to sure to hit it big with the actor's cult following, and anyone else looking forget the ruin that is Suicide Squad yet uninterested in either of the other two films opening this weekend. All in all it seems safe to assume a box office looking something like this come Monday of next week.

  1. Pete's Dragon (70 mill)
  2. Suicide Squad (55 mill)
  3. Florence Foster Jenkins (28 mill)
  4. Sausage Party (26 mill)
  5. Jason Bourne (10.5 mill)

That's it for this week's Making Dollars and Sense report. Make sure to go see a film this week as we have quite a bit of diversity in what films are opening this weekend, plus you'll be in the know for next week's Making Dollars and Sense!

-Adam Stutsman