While some might call last weekend a pretty standard turn of events for the summer blockbuster season here domestically, one ex-military assassin took the global box office by storm.

Opening in a seriously notable 45+ different territories worldwide, one of audience's favorite Matt Damon characters, Jason Bourne has truly earned the title "#1 movie in the world". Domestically the film opened to $60 million in revenue, which is down by $9 million from The Bourne Ultimatum's opening gross back in 2007, but that still makes this the second largest opening the franchise has had yet. Additionally, that comes out to only be a 13.4% drop when compared against Ultimatum, which means the film is performing better on average than other sequels releasing this year (excluding My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2) which have been opening to a 14.4% decline in sales from predecessors. 

But the major news about Bourne was its wide global release. Opening in 46 different overseas markets last weekend the new Matt Damon film brought in $50 million bringing its total global cum to just over $110 million. This is huge news for Universal as that brings the film with $10 million of making back its entire budget of $120 over opening weekend. The international success of the film is sure to continue to pick up steam as well as the film has yet to open in Russia, Mexico, or China, where it is predicted to perform very well again. 

Given the fact that the film will easily round out its global profits over $350 million, and that this film perfectly sets up what is sure to be a renaissance era for both the series and Matt Damon's portrayal of an aging yet deadly CIA operative looking for his purpose in the world now, fans of the series can very much expect to see talk of another Bourne film in the near future. Afterall, Damon was pretty adamant about being done with the series back after Ultimatum was finished, noting that the story had played itself out and that he was happy with where the character ended up. With that said, director Paul Greengrass must have had some beautifully plotted out new direction for the story and lead character to have sparked Damon's interest to return to the role. 

It might all be a bit too soon to say, but I for one am excited at the possibility of yet another two Bourne sequels (yes, I did say two - it would only make sense if they were planning on doing yet another trilogy) because I can definitely see the groundwork being laid for some intriguing character development as Bourne wrestles with the reality of everything the Government has said, done, and created over the last five films. I mean, how would anyone who truly understands the meaning of real patriotism - a loyalty to one another's brethren rather than the head of state - be okay with the actions that those in charge have been making?

But enough of that now - the other two newcomers this weekend were Bad Moms and Nerve which took spots #3 and #8 respectively. While Bad Moms only come out $14.5 million ahead of Nerve, it was a much better weekend for the Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell R-rated comedy which made a solid $23.8 million opening in 3,200+ theatres over last weekend. The film had a budget of $20 million and is on track to have a domestic sales finish of $60-65 million once finishing its theatre journey. Nerve on the other hand didn't do as well. Opening to $9.4 million the film was specifically targeting millennials, and audience not targeted by the other two opening films this weekend, and was set to open as counter-counter programming for Jason Bourne and Bad Moms. That means that the film had basically no competition and was designed to score big on a small bet. Now, while 9.4 million isn't horrible given a production budget of $15.5 million, the film had a chance to make at least double what it did yet didn't.

A lot could be said as to why this is, and the heart of it might boil down to the fact that the film simply did a bad job at attracting its teen-to-young-twenty-somethings audience to theatres. In my opinion the film seems too easy and too played up, as if showing off the rush everyone feels as a young adult, and what it's like to get caught up in the excitement of fame and fortune that everyone from this generation seems to be so desperate to have. But the problem is it doesn't go deeper. Sure things take a twist and get "scary", but the characters feel contrived, the plot seems too easy to see coming, and the film has a love story that really doesn't need to be there. Afterall, why are we showing that a young girl needs a boy to help her experience live on the edge? I would have much rather this film been about a girl who dives into this world after being pressured into trying something new and then finds herself deep in the midst of this dark and dangerous mentality/culture yet has to fight her way out of it and it is this that gives her the courage to be strong and confident in who she is, despite what others think.

It's really sad to see a story with some interesting potential just fall so short.

This coming weekend though there is no short amount of potential and superhero and comic book fans everywhere are gearing up DC's highly anticipated Suicide Squad starring Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Will Smith, and the list goes on. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that this film is taking the top of the box office this weekend - the only question everyone is wondering is how many records is it about to shatter? It already is opening in 4,150 theatres domestically making it the largest August release of all time, and many are predicting it will surpass Deadpool's $132 million opening making it the first film to open over $100 million in August. The list is sure to go on with a few more titles it's about to steal, but for me, I am extremely skeptical about how well the film is going to grab and keep audiences attention. The film has a lot of hype riding on it and that could also be its downfall if it ends up not being able to live up to fan's expectations. Early reviews are raving though, so only time will tell.

With Nine Lives also opening this weekend, here's what I'm predicting the top five to look like:

  1. Suicide Squad (140 mill)
  2. Jason Bourne (27 mill)
  3. Star Trek (12 mill)
  4. Secret Life of Pets (12 mill)
  5. Bad Moms (11.5 mill)

I'm pretty excited for this weekend myself, and you can bet I'm going to be one of the first to go see Suicide Squad. So get your friends together, go have some fun doing something outdoor related over the weekend, grab some dinner, and then head to the movies to round out the perfect summer day. Till next time friends!

-Matthew Miller