This week's Making Dollars and Sense takes us Beyond our solar system, but the numbers were less than stellar. We also see the difference between a success and a flop when the two films earn the same amount! Keep the lights on. It's time for Making Dollars and Sense.

The number one spot this week belongs to Star Trek Beyond with a weekend pull of $59 million, which doesn't break any records but is nothing to sneeze at either. Now, with a budget of over $180 million, this film does have a ways to go in terms of being consider profitable or overly successful, but the truth of the matter is that this is a fun little blockbuster without the added weight of any extended universe or spin-off films. It is perfect for an evening after some summer fun and that's exactly what we are looking for this time of year.

The film has been received well by both critics and audiences alike. Carrying an 84% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and an "A-" on Cinemascore from actual movie goers, the film is posed to bring in a possible $22-30 million more this coming weekend, and will most likely see a domestic cum of $180-190 million before leaving theatres. Looking "beyond" our own boards though, and focusing internationally, the film did moderate to well in various different territories this past weekend. Overall globally the Beyond is playing 35% better than the 2009 reboot of Star Trek, but 14% below Into Darkness.

The third and fourth films at the Box Office this weekend were Lights Out and Ice Age: Collision Course respectively, which proves the benefits of a low budget horror film over a tired kids movie franchise. The two made almost the same amount at the box office, but since Lights Out had a tiny budget of only $4.9 million, it was a scary success! Ice Age on the other hand was a mammoth disappointment, with a budget of $105 million and only making back a little over $20 million. What's worse is that this was a 55% drop in ticket sales when compared to the 2012 predecessor Ice Age: Continental Drift. That's a pretty sharp decline but if it weren't for the international success Collision Course has been seeing since early July (to date it's made $178 from foreign markets) executives would have to start considering putting this franchise out to pasture.

Oh, also on that note, the Ice Age franchise is now the highest grossing animated franchise globally ever. So... yeah. Be prepared for more.

Coming up this weekend, we have the fifth film in the Bourne franchise, simply titled Jason Bourne, about an amnesiac super soldier just trying to figure himself out. Matt Damon regains the throne as Bourne from Jeremy Renner in this latest entry. We also have Nerve, a neon-soaked truth or dare app gone wrong clearly aimed at the millennial crowd, starring Dave Franco and Emma Roberts. And finally, Bad Moms starring Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell. A raunchy comedy a la Dirty Grandpa or Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, but about a group of moms tired of following the rules. Bourne is primed for taking the top of the box office, most likely opening to $60 million domestically, and since Star Trek will drop a safe to assume 50% this coming weekend it seems like this is what we can expect to be the outcome of this coming weekend's box office:

  1. Jason Bourne
  2. Nerve
  3. Star Trek
  4. Secret Life of Pets
  5. Lights Out

Until next week, go see a film you're interested in at the place where it was always meant to be viewed - the cinema!

-Adam Stutsman