The Boy leaves audiences satisfied, The 5th Wave looks more like a ripple, and Ride Along 2 began its long and cold ride into the shadows of The Revenant.

Yep, that's right, Ride Along 2 is already on it's way out the door. Having dropped from its much proclaimed "#1 Movie in America" status from last week, the sequel found itself sitting at #3 this weekend at the Box Office. Despite a small rise in theatres showing the film, the action comedy only brought in $12 million in revenue this weekend. Nearly a third of what it made last week, it's opening weekend. This same time two years ago we saw the original Ride Along have much better success than this new installment. Not only did the original take the #1 spot two weekends in a row, it only saw a -50% drop in weekend gross, as compared to a nearly -66% drop.

But let's not focus on the obvious inevitability of what this film has in store for itself. Instead, let's talk about films that are actually kinda big right now.

I personally am super excited to see that The Revenant has finally climbed its way to the #1 spot this weekend! After four weekends of rising to the top 5, this masterpiece in cinema finally took home the title it certainly deserved eventually. Having a -50% decrease in box office gross, the film had a solid opening in over 150 new theatres. Overall the total gross for the film has now reached just under $120 million, placing it just $15 million shy of it's original budget. With the gap closing in fast it's safe to say this film will be in the clear well before Oscar season is over. If you haven't seen this film, go see it for sure. Really, if you haven't seen any of the Oscar noms, go see them.

Other films that saw really great success - relatively speaking - were STX Entertainment's The Boy (a PG-13 psychological horror film), A24's Room, and Sony Classic's The Lady in the Van. The Boy cracked the top 5 this week, it's opening weekend, and made back just over its budget. While this weekend was a nationwide opening for the film, it still has a lot of room to expand onto more screens as it only opened in 2,671 theatres. It'll be interesting to see where this film goes over the next couple weekends and how much it pulls in. Room opened in a whopping 569 new venues this weekend (thank you Oscar buzz) and brought in nearly double what it did last week, leading to an overall +75% change. The Lady in the Van had similar success, opening in 26 new theatres (up from 4 the week before) and brought in over half what it has made in the last 5 weekends prior.

Flops this weekend look to include The 5th Wave and 13 Hours. The 5th Wave, after a nationwide opening, only brought in just over $10 million in box office gross. Now, yeah, we just said how The Boy brought in the same amount and they were considered really successful, but The 5th Wave is nowhere near the same success rate. It's budget came in at just under $40 million (38 to be more specific), so that means, in what will most likely be its strongest weekend, this film will fall 50% short of that golden 50% rule. And it really has little hope for bouncing back, at least with this current season. 

Along those lines is 13 Hours - while it is only in it's second weekend open, the film dropped down to $9 million in gross (don $7.5 million from last week), and even though it opened in 500+ new theatres, the film is still a staggering $18 million away from making back its $50 million budget. It might feel a bit hasty to label this one a flop, but films of this nature, for this time of year, have traditionally slayed the box office for weekends straight. This film has yet to do that once. Look at American Sniper, Lone Survivor, Zero Dark Thirty. These films crushed it. And they set the tone for the entire year.

While these first few weeks of the new year at the box office have looked more profitable than in years past, the trend is starting to revert back in on itself, and we are clearly losing momentum. There's a good chance we are about to see a large void in ticket sales overall, and my guess is that the bubble that was Star Wars might be to blame. 

But no one is blaming Star Wars. No one. Never. So bubble or not, we'll roll with it. 

-Matthew Miller