Clearly audiences couldn't get enough of Ryan Reynolds' tongue-in-cheek, revenge-seeking, bad boy in red spandex - Deadpool dominated this weekend's box office (without even trying), making over $56 million it's second weekend. It’s not hard to see why plans for the sequel are already being put into production by Fox studios.

But, while the hype is still going strong, as Matthew mentioned last week, it would be curious to see exactly how much of a percentage drop the film would undergo its second weekend open. The answer - Deadpool dropped 57%, more than most analysts anticipated. Overall for the box office, though, attendance/revenue was down by 43.4% from Valentine’s Day weekend, so the edgy superhero film had that going against it anyways.

So let's zoom out for a second and looks at this change compared the first-to-second weekend drop other similar action films experienced:

  • The last X-Men movie, Days of Future Past (2014), dropped 64%

  • X-Men Originals: Wolverine dropped  (2009) 69%

  • The R-rated superhero film Watchmen (2009) dropped 68%

  • Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), last year’s big Valentine’s Day release, dropped 74%!

Additionally the overall Weekend Box Office decline was less than last year's Valentine's-weekend follow up which was 46.5%. All things considered, then, Deadpool isn't doing too horrible for itself.

Afterall Deadpool has now passed the $200 million dollar mark in it's second weekend alone- - ($236.9 million as of today)! And its surprising budget of only $58 million pales when stacked up next to most other superhero films, including those I just mentioned. According to Collider, the writers of the film believe that Deadpool doesn’t need a huge budget to develop Deadpool’s character for its sequel either! Which I am more than certain is sweet music to the studio executives ears over at Fox.

And speaking of low budgets, let’s take a look at The Witch, which opened this weekend, and was made on an estimated budget of only $3.2 million. This R-rated horror/period piece boldly took spot #4 this week and has made $8.6 million in its opening weekend. Although reviews are mixed, it has a decent amount of credibility in part due to a Sundance Directing Award and the fact that the film was praised on twitter by horror author Stephen King. It’s never bad when a horror film can scare a horror writer!

Also making a debut this weekend was Sony’s new faith film Risen which claimed spot #3. The film was made on a smaller budget as well of only $20 million. This film takes a look at the Resurrection of Christ, providing audience’s a twist by telling it from the perspective of a skeptic soldier. Grossing $11.8 million, the film is the seventh largest opening faith film, according to Box Office Mojo. With Easter coming at the end of next month, Sony picked quite the weekend to drop the film as it is in an ideal place to hold the interest of viewers in the coming weeks.

In a couple weeks Disney is set to release their new animated film, Zootopia, which will largely be competing with the same kid-friendly audience as Kung Fu Panda 3. The Panda still sits at spot #2 (for a second weekend in a row) in it's fourth week out, but it will have a hard time staying on the panda express for long once Zootopia opens. Another film we are keeping an eye out for is the upcoming comedy-war film starring Tina Fey, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Set to release in a couple weeks, it'll be curious to see how this film stacks up against the dramatic war films 13 Hours and The Finest Hours, which continue to slip down the list. Perhaps this comedy will make up for the flops that were the dramas of early 2016. Time will tell.

-Alan Warner