The team and I have been a part of countless weddings over the last few years. We’ve been all over the country, witnessed a whole lot of joy and celebration, and shared in the stories of so many amazing humans. But this particular wedding will always hold a special place in my heart - the wedding of my dear sister, London.

A few years ago, London and Stan met through mutual friends, and while Stan jokingly tried to set her up with his other friend, he was really trying to convince her to give him a shot. Flash-forward to today and I’d say he succeeded at his original intent.

This day was one of the most intimate weddings I’ve ever experienced. It was about these two and their journey to this place. It was about the families that have raised them, cared for them, and couldn’t be happier for them. It was about who’ve they been, who they are now, and who they are yet to become as they grow together. Watching your sister marry the love of her life while standing atop a bluff over looking Lake Michigan will definitely bring you to tears, ten out of ten times - and I cannot wait to see what new adventure awaits these two just over the horizon.