By now Courtney + Chris need no introduction. We’ve gushed and swooned over these two for months now, and here’s yet another chance for all of us to do so again! Courtney and Chris are two of the most wonderfully kind people you could hope to meet, they are unquestionably adorable together, and they care for one another on such a deep and pure level that in many ways you aren’t the same after getting to know them. I know we sure aren’t.

Even if it weren’t the dead of winter we’d still be dreaming back to this day for so many countless reasons. Of the many that come flooding back, the letters these two wrote to each other before their first look easily floors us the most. To hear the words these two had chosen to share, the memories they were reliving on their morning, the promises already being made, and the unconditional love that was so boldly on display - we were crying right along with Courtney!

We cannot say enough how thankful we are these two had the most perfect day, because they deserve absolutely nothing less. We are still counting down the days till we are able to see them again, but for now let’s show this couple the most love. Here’s to the beautiful Mr + Mrs Bowen!

Cinematography & Photography: Shadow Shine Pictures

Wedding Event Coordination: Jenna Mahoney (Victoria’s Floral Design)

Floral Design: Victoria’s Floral Design

Wedding Dress: White Traditions Bridal

Reception DJ: Rusch Entertainment

Wedding Cake: Victoria’s Floral Design

Calligraphy: Kate Marston

Venues: The Homestead