There are some weddings that we truly, unquestionably wish could never end, and when we think back to the amazing, colorful, wonderfully joy-filled weekend that was Aparna+Ankit's we have those exact feelings. By time we got to their wedding weekend they were already dear friends of ours and so obviously it was so easy to get swept up in all the magic, the love, and every single second of celebration and excitement. 

Then there's also the layer of getting to celebrate yet again with a community that we have had the honor of doing just that with for over four years now! This close knit community that welcomes us in as their own, who have the biggest smiles when they see us, make us feel at home in a way that I'm not sure we really experience with most other weddings. The feeling is down right indescribable. It's so much more than work, it's so much more than just art or a craft for us when we are with them - it's a shared experience, coming together as old friends and taking part in a moment that transcends all of us there. We've talked about that a lot over the last few years and the truth is that feeling doesn't fade away in the least bit, only grows stronger and for that we are incredibly thankful.

Heaven help us, this blog could be pages on pages long about everything that was so wonderful about this weekend. Not only was it our first Indian wedding to both photography and film, it was also our first wedding creating a Same Day Edit of Aparna and Ankit's trailer, this trailer. The moment of watching these two peer through the doorway of their reception into the hall where all their friends and family were reliving this fantastic weekend as they saw the trailer was one for the books. As Aparna teared up and started to cry from overwhelming joy, to Ankit's huge grin of excitement, that was a moment I think we'll all cherish and get chocked up over thinking back to for the rest of our lives.

Really, all we can say is how thankful we are for these two beautiful humans. Their wedding weekend was more than an honor to be a part of, and to get to be a part of their story, and to call them friends, is more than we could ever ask for. Here's to Aparna + Ankit!

Wedding Planer: Rajul Pillai of Blissful Events

Photography and Cinematography: ShadowShine Pictures

Florist: Butterfly Flowers

Garba Hair and Makeup: Houda Hourani at Salon West Dearborn

Wedding and Reception Hair: Raimonda Gjekaj

Wedding and Reception Makeup: Tammy Pore

DJ: Umesh Manani

Wedding Cake: Sweet Dreams Bakery

Linens & Chivari Chairs: Modern Art Party Rental

Catering & Bar: Krishna Catering & Ashoka

Henna: Niki Patel

Henna Gown: Frontier Heritage

Grah Shanti Gown: Utsav Fashions

Garba/Sangeet Gown: Anushree Reddy

Wedding Gown: Raja Fashions

Reception Gown: Shyamal & Bhumika

Venues: Diamond Center, Patel Residence, & Shah Residence