How does a beautiful, colorful, and WARM October wedding day get any better? When it's the wedding of these two amazing college sweethearts!

Amy + Jason are wonderful, simply put. Their beautiful, light, and compassionate personalities shine through in everything they do and their wedding was such a true expression of the love these two share. We fell in love with them instantly and as we got to know a little more about their story we fell that much more in love.

Everything about this wedding was nothing short of perfect. From Amy and Jason's complete and total admiration for one another, to some ridiculously gorgeous sunset + playing in the leaves moments that took our breath away, everything about these two and their special day made this wedding one we'll be talking about for years to come.

We are very much missing this gorgeous day, and these gorgeous people! Could not have been more blessed to share our final wedding of the season with Amy + Jason. Show them some love!