Over the last half a year we have had a very talented filmmaker and dear friend lending his skills to our post-production department, really helping take our team to a whole new level, and completely redesigning our Wedding film style. That filmmaker and friend would be none other than one Alan Warner, a recent Cornerstone University graduate, and amazingly brilliant fellow.

Since mid Summer Alan has been crewing with us both on set and behind the scenes. In early December we finally sat down and talked about him becoming an official member- something that had been on his heart for a while- and obviously we said YES! Alan is not only a huge addition to the team based on his talents, but he adds such a cool character dynamic that we are so excited to have a part of the official team.

Because of his genius and pioneering of our post-production department, it seemed only fitting that Alan join the ranks of the team as our lead editor, and over more our head of post. His repertoire speaks for itself, his experience is impressive, and his passion for his work is fantastic. How could we not want this awesome filmmaker to join the Shadow|Shine team?!

Oh, and in his free time he enjoys rock climbing, skydiving- with no shoot though- and driving race cars he's too good for.

Okay, we might have made that last bit up, but regardless, make sure to welcome the awesome Alan Warner to the team!