Okay, it's a college newspaper- but a newspaper article nonetheless!

So a few weeks back I had the pleasure of sitting down with an old friend of mine, Megan Tracey, a senior at Cornerstone University- my alma mater- and got to talk with her about the early years of S|S for a story she was working on for their university paper, The Herald. We talked about everything from what it was like starting up a business while still a student, to what our customer service perspective is, to even talking about our amazingly wonderful team that I am blessed to work with everyday! It was a lot of fun and extremely nostalgic to take a quick trip down memory lane.

After that we did a quick staged photo shoot for the article- should have just sent her a photo of me actually on set, much more convincing that I'm an actual filmmaker that way- and I was off on my way. Today the issue the article appeared in came out and I loved getting to read through it! Tracey did a great job and it was a real joy to share with the team- especially since the photo lists me as my brother, another extremely important part of our team nonetheless!

If you want to read the full article you can on The Herald's site! Definitely a lot of fun getting to do the interview and well worth the read!