We are so blessed to have such extremely talented and amazingly creative friends like Aleka C. Thrash from ACT Photo and Media! We've always been huge fans of Aleka's talents so naturally when she approached us about wanting to put together a promo spot for her rapidly growing business we said 'absolutely'! Over the last few months we've been working closely with her to make her video the perfect reflection of her passions, dreams, and vision, visiting her studio and seeing the behind the scenes of several shoots, to doing candid set ups with her around town. 

It has been so much fun working with her on this and the entire crew has had a blast helping mold this video into what it is now- and now we are so excited to have released her video this week and get to brag on her and how honored we have been to continue to support and help tell her story as she continues to branch out and expand her photography talents.

Make sure to check out the ACT Photography site, which is a local boutique photography company that specializes in fashion and model photography, personal photography, engagement photography, and much more. So excited to have her promo up on the site, and for her business to continue to grow as she travels the world and captures life in ever more amazing ways! Here's to ACT Photography & Multimedia!